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What people are saying about Delice Bakery:

Delice, French Kosher Bakery, a new style Food Boutique with a familiar ambiance of a local bakery, like the good old times “warm, personal and with the doors always open.”

It takes special talents, creativity and a very sophisticated taste to prepare the appetizing, mouth-watering and state-of-the-art culinary creations.

We are inviting you to admire them and then… obviously to indulge. Delice has created an unprecedented world, where simultaneously and harmoniously co-exist visual, olfactory and gustatory pleasures, just to make us happy. But Delice is not only desserts. There are yummy quiches, freshly prepared pizzas, soups, and delicious club sandwiches, and of course salads. This is a real “must do”­ that you just can’t miss.

-“Start your day right, with a freshly squeezed fruit juice and the perfect croissant”.
Delice Bakery is the first French Kosher Bakery in Los angeles (since 2001)
Originally from France, Fabrice (well known and respected in the LA’s Kosher community) and Francky (personality in the Jewish entertainment industry) are taking the Bakery to the next level putting the customer’s happiness at the center of every decision.



Hours of Operation

Monday- Tuesday 7:00AM - 6:00 PM

Wednesday - Thursday 7:00AM - 6:00 PM

Friday - 6:00AM - 3:00 PM (5PM closing time June 1st - August 31st)

Sunday - 7:00AM - 6:00 PM

* Free parking provided daily at Twin Dragon Restaurant 6:00AM - 10:30AM, stricly enforced