Thumbs up, Delice! You can proudly carry your name


Delice, the French bakery, is a perfect example of how simple kosher cooking can be in harmony with fine cuisine and good taste. This new-style food boutique, located at 8583 Pico Blvd in Los Angeles takes you out of reality and away on a journey where you will find yourself once again in the familiar ambiance of a local bakery like the good old times- warm, personal and with the doors always open.

In only a year’s time this address has become a steady gathering place for those who have a soft spot for pastries and baked goods. The cultural and social importance that Delice represents in Los Angeles, in the Jewish community and beyond, is immeasurable.
It takes special talents, creativity and a very sophisticated taste to prepare these appetizing, mouth watering, and state-of-the art culinary creations. Nothing comes close to the famous Alkazar or the absolutely fantastic Tarte Tatin- my very favorite, by the way. Start your day with irresistible Viennese pastries that will waken memories of childhood. Then there is the best of treats; nothing comes close to the taste of macaroons, the little round pastry so crunchy on the outside, so tender inside. It is made of peeled raw almonds, the purest sugar and the white of an egg.

Every morning in the “laboratory” of Bakery Delice, in the hands of culinary magicians and virtuosos, with rigorous precision, they dice and mix almonds, sugar and eggs, adding a know-how to the finest creation of breads, Viennese, and other absolutely amazing pastries. Here Delice is reaching the perfect balance between texture and taste.

Well, I am inviting you to admire them and then… obviously, to indulge.
Delice created this unprecedented world, where simultaneously and harmoniously coexist visual, olfactory and gustatory pleasures with one simple goal in mind: just to make us happier than before, so that gourmands would not find themselves short of sweetness and delights. This is a real” must do” that you can’t miss!

But Delice is not only desserts. There are, just to make us even happier, delicious quiches, freshly prepared, pizzas, soups and delicious club sandwiches, and of course salads. There is a very special Brunch every Sunday morning that can be served outdoors, where you can enjoy, at the same time, California sun and French desserts. This is an atmosphere, French and Jewish, side by side, in the very heart of the kosher neighborhood of Los Angeles, right on Pico Boulevard. This is the main reason why the Bakery Delice, through an active participation and generous contributions to community events, is playing such a vital role in the French-speaking Jewish community of Los Angeles.

The opening and following success of this bakery, so dear to our hearts-and to our palates, is an invitation and a beginning, to receive with open hands and to encourage, as we hope to see it grow in the near future. Thumbs up, Delice! You can proudly carry your name!