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Holidays !


Rosh Hashana

Challah Gift Boxes

Challah + honey + bowl + stick

 Challah gift boxes   --- $29

Challah Gift Boxes
Challah Gift Box
Challah and Dishes

Gift Baskets

Gift Basket

Large   ---   $41
6 Macaron + Praline and Honey Cake Large sizes
+ bowl Honey Jar and stick + Mini Apple


Holidays Round Challah
in addition to our regular selection

Raisin Challah                           $8.99
Apple Challah                            $8.99
            Apple Cinnamon Challah           $9.50              
Chocolate Chip Challah            $8.50
White Chocolate Chip Challah $8.70

Holidays Honey Cake    

Small Honey Cake               $5.70
Medium Honey Cake           $8.70
Large Honey Cake               $17.50

                   Choices of :

Honey Classic
Pecan & Walnut
Chocolat Chip Honey Cake 
White Chocolate Chip Cake 

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